Top 10 Tea places in Coventry

Top 10 Tea places in Coventry.

There don’t exist a lot of things in life, which can beat a fantastic pleasure of tea with a cake’ slice. Following are a few of the best tea places that reside in Coventry where you can enjoy quality cake with fantastic tea.

1.     Godiva’s

This tea place is found in the vaulted, magnificent undercroft of the Saint Mary’ Guildhall. The place offers a remarkable atmosphere for enjoying a cup of tea. It has many charms and serves a perfect place to spend an afternoon.

2.    Big Comfy Bookshop

Big comfy Bookshop is not only a tea place, but it hosts live musical nights also and is the best place for various kinds of cake. Not a café strictly, but is an ideal place for having a cup of tea with cake while enjoying a classic book or the latest fiction.

3.    Esquires

Esquires tea place, a friendly and welcoming spot offering amazing cakes with a mind soothing cup of tea. Their most famous cake is Bubble Mint cheesecake.

4.    Coffee Architects

In Coventry, Coffee Architects are also great makers of the highly delicious cakes. They also offer a variety of teas. You can pick sticky toffee cake with salted tea or pecan and ginger cake with lemon tea and much more.

5.    Urban Coffee Company

Along with an excellent coffee, the Urban Coffee Company also makes high tea and cakes. Did you try their delicious chocolate cake with Victoria tea? Give it a try, and you won’t regret it!

6.    Larder

After its opening in 2014, Larder has made itself a high cut above! Their tea, cakes and breads, salads, and soups are made freshly on the site.

7.     Spangles

Along with the deli diner, shake the car, and cereal café, Spangles also serves a fantastic collection of tea and cakes which are based on the American taste.

8.    Rising Café

Situated in a historic environment of the Coventry Cathedral, this café has been known as the best tea place for tourists because of its tremendous quality and variety.

9.    Cheesecake at Playwrights

This tea place is housed in the center of the beautiful Cathedral Quarter of Coventry and is given regards for its wide gluten-free range and a wide choice of teas.

10.     Sweet as Cakes

Basically a chocolate cake maker, Sweet as Cakes has now expanded itself to be the best tea place and dessert parlor offering an absolute feast of the confections!