UK Parcel Delivery Guide and aswers to common complaints

By Sola Idowu
Published 18/10/2019 07:26 PM
UK Parcel Delivery Experts
Do you want to send a parcel within the UK? Are you looking for the best UK parcel delivery service? Do you want to ship your package at cheap rates? Or are you looking for a fast and reliable delivery source? Well, whatever answer you are looking for, parcel delivery UK guide will help you get an answer to your every question. You will get a complete guide about the best and worst delivery companies in the UK. We will also tell you some points of thumb to ensure the safe delivery of your parcel.
Common complaints about delivery in the UK

People face various problems during the delivery of their goods. Some of the claims are due to the inefficiency of the delivery firm.
    •    Late deliveries: About 20% of the parcels arrive late i.e., days after the original time of shipment. This is a common issue which is faced by a large number of people. But there is a significant improvement in this regard this last few years.
    •    Faulty Items: About 18 % parcel break and get damaged during their transit. A parcel has to pass through a large number of stages during their delivery. So, there is a great chance that delicate items will break on their way during the delivery.
    •    Wrong product: Another 14% of people complained about getting the wrong order. This occurs if the company is still using old and manual systems for delivering.

Things that you should keep in mind before sending parcels
The courier and parcel delivery companies are flourishing these days due to the increasing trend of online shopping. The UK is well known for manufacturing a large number of products and is home to many international brands. So, people often order items from UK brands online. But if you own a retailer company, then you must be familiar with the trouble of packing and courier companies. It is tough to find a good, affordable, and reliable company these days.
But following a few tips and rules will make this a lot easier for you.

    •    Automatic system
Due to the increasing race between courier companies. Various agencies have been upgrading their systems for the ease of their customers. One of these upgrades includes using computerized system instead of a manual system. An electronic and digital system is convenient both for the sender and staff. Those companies that use this system are mostly efficient and make sure to fulfil the demands of the customers. There is no risk of lost parcels or mixing up of data, which results in safe and on-time delivery of your package. Moreover, some companies use automatic machines to sort out packages and drones for immediate delivery to your doorstep. These companies and agencies are mostly reliable. One can trust their authenticity and efficiency with their eyes closed.

    •    Shipping Methods
Different companies offer a complete range of shipment methods. Whether you are looking for a cheap delivery method or an express method, they cover it all. Express shipment is much more expensive than the other ones. But it makes sure to send the parcel within the given time frame. Whereas economy deliveries are more likely to face a delay.

    •     Affordable rates
Some services allow you to compare their prices with that of other couriers. The comparison will enable you to figure out which agency is the best for you. Different companies offer more than cheap and affordable rates. Go for such kind of companies instead of wasting your money on expensive deliveries. DHL is well known for its cheap large parcel delivery UK. They deliver about 70kg of the parcel in affordable and reasonable rates. Moreover, a large number of exchanges are done between China and the UK every day. So, many UK delivery agencies offer cheap parcel delivery to China from the UK.

The best courier companies in the UK

The following parcel companies are one of the best agencies in the UK that offer maximum facilities.
    •    DHL
DHL Parcel UK is one of the best parcel companies in the UK. It offers international shipping to almost 220 countries. The best thing about this parcel agency is that it is affordable and easy to use. Among all other UK parcel firms, this agency has the best satisfactory score high when it comes to international deliveries. The company has well over 1,200 DHL Service Points (including selected WHSmith, Robert Dyas Ryman stores and The Imaging Professionals) in the UK.

    •    Parcel Force
Parcel Force UK is well known for offering unique facilities and systems. An online price estimate allows you to calculate the price of your parcel by typing size, weight, and delivery address. Their rewards scheme called as Rewards4U offer cool discounts to its loyal customers.

    •    Royal Mail
Royal Mail UK is used widely in the UK. It allows you to manage your dispatches and trace them. Moreover, one can but postage online on their site.

    •     DPD
DPD is well known for offering the fastest deliveries with the UK. It offers 1-Hour Window instead of usual 3-Hours Window for deliveries.

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