Top tips on packaging your parcel with quality packaging boxes for transit

By Sola Idowu
Published 18/10/2019 07:04 PM
Top tips on packaging your parcel with quality packaging boxes
Millions of people send parcels worldwide every day. Most people have concerns about the safety of goods in the box. Whether you are sending gifts from abroad to your family or you are delivering products from your company, you have to be extra cautious while assembling your parcel. Else, be ready to hear complaints about damaged goods and broken items.
What is the purpose of spending money on items if they are going to be of no use to the recipient? It is not difficult to ensure the safety of the parcel. All you have to do is to follow specific rules, and you are good to send whatever you want.

Use boxes instead of plastic or fabric bags
Boxes provide extra protection to your parcel. Try to make use of such boxes that have secure outer packaging. Even if you do not have cardboard boxes, then buy new ones. Because it is better to spend a few pennies on a packaging box than the risk of damaging your goods. Use sturdy, double-walled boxes instead of delicate ones. DHL packing boxes are the best ones for packing fragile and expensive items. DHL moving boxes make sure that the recipient gets intact goods. Never use recycled boxes, such boxes usually can't stand the bumps of roads. The strength of the box must be in congruence with the weight and size of your item. In addition to protection, boxes are convenient to use. It eases to wrap them up.

Use properly sized boxes.
Your item must fit the box comfortably. Do not try to overload a box. If your parcel demands it, then use a bigger sized box. But the size of the shipping boxes shouldn't be larger than the size of the object. There is a rule of thumb for selecting the right sized box. There should be no room in the box for the items to move around while shipping. If your things move in the boxes while shipping, then there is a chance of their destruction.
Moreover, those boxes that have empty spaces can collapse during the journey. Other parcels and weight on the top of your package will break your expensive items. Choose a box according to the size and shape of your things.

Do Not Reuse old Boxes
Boxes are at the risk of destruction during the transit. Moreover tapping and packaging makes their condition much more worst. So, try to avoid reusing them. New boxes are not going to cost more than a few bucks. But a damaged item can cost a lot more than that. So, if the box has any dents or tears, then it will be wise to ditch it.

Provide protection
Use bubble wraps or foaming papers to protect the items against the jerks of the journey. Do not rely on a single layer. Add multiple layers around the goods to provide maximum protection. Seal the edges of bubble wrap with tapes
Even if you are sending paperwork or letter, then it doesn't mean they do not need any protection. They can be destroyed during transport due to the heat of temperature changes. Use bubble wrap or foaming sheet to cover the inside of the envelope. Bubble sheets will give necessary protection to the paperwork.

Necessary Cushioning
Stuff the inside of the box with cushioning such that the items can no longer move inside it. Fill the empty spaces in the box with old towel pieces or tissues or handkerchiefs.
Moreover, if you are sending fragile things, then double the wrapping and packaging. Use two boxes instead of one. Keep your items in one box and then add necessary cushioning. Now put the box in the second box. Add significant cushioning suck as old beddings or towels or biles of bubble wraps between the two boxes. Now you are free to forget about the bumps and jerks of the road. Because now, bumps can not break your items.

Use multiple boxes
If you want to send items in bulk, then do not stuff all the goods in a single box. The smaller the packing, the better. So, use multiple boxes. Bigger and heavier parcels are at higher risk of falling during the handling process.
Moreover, do not attach the boxes. This will only create an inconvenience.

Seal the parcel Properly
The final thing that you need to do is to seal the package correctly. Ordinary house tape is of no use when it comes to sealing boxes for transit. So, instead of house tape use parcel or reinforced carton tape. Sellotape can't be used either.
There is a unique H tape sealing method which ensures the safety of your parcel. Make sure that the tapping is reliable enough to resist the opening of the box during the tapping.

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