Sponsorships with DHL Customer Service

By Sola Idowu
Published 21/07/2019 01:22 AM
DHL Customer Service and Sponsorships.
During the past few years, DHL has played a vital role in being the sponsorship with Porsche Prototypes in the international market. The car series have been sponsored by DHL all along wining the championship in 2012 by the IndyCar series. It started off being the sponsor for Jordan Family One team in the year of 2002 and since then, it has been popular for the sponsorships.
The regular sponsorship is a part of DHL business with providing excellent DHL customer service to the sponsors. DHL is considered as one of the leading logistics partner for the races and among sports. During the race of 2007, DHL was awarded with the fastest lap driver in the race.

During 2011, Manchester announced it as the training kit sponsor for its team. It had a deal of four years with the worth of $40 billion. The fastest training kit was provided by DHL under the football team and by 2012, the Ireland league of Bohemian became the sponsor at its lead. DHL currently sponsors the Cape Rugby Team and has the contract of three years. In the season of 2018, it is still serving as the sponsor for the Rugby team.
DHL Customer Service Signs Under Logistics

It also assisted the fashion designers in the year of 2014 as the sponsor internationally. The DHL exports also signed for the sponsorship for the two year contract in 2012. It expanded its endeavors without the limits of supporting the logistics and car companies like Mercedes Benz fashion week.

The presence of DHL and publicity increased overtime with the help of sponsorship. The customers started to rely on the service as the popularity increased over the period of time. DHL tracking system enhanced over the time with providing up to date information on each phase of shipment for the clients. You can send the package anywhere in the world and track it through your smartphones or laptop easily by the main website.
As being the leader of logistics in the world, it works dedicatedly to serve the clients without any mistakes. The representatives make sure to provide exceptional DHL customer service so none of the client leaves unhappy.
With over 1,200 DHL Service Points in the UK ( WHSmith, Robert Dyas and Ryman stores, The Imaging Professionals), DHL makes sure to leave the smile on the face of the client when they deal with DHL. It makes them hopeful to come back to the service again for the future package sending across the border or locally.

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