Parcel Delivery Best Practice

By Sola Idowu
Published 18/10/2019 04:09 PM
Guide for parcel delivery best practice.
Courier services have shown a lot of progress in the last few years. This is due to the increasing competition among various companies and greater availability of technology. While delivering a parcel, you have many options. Some of them deliver your products by sea, some by aeroplanes, whereas others use trains to deliver the products. It depends upon your convenience that which delivery method is the best for you.

Are you a developing courier company?
Are you looking for the best practices for parcel delivery?

Then you are at right place. We have a large number of tips and rules for courier companies. To do their job the right way and ensure the safe delivery of parcels to your customers, these rules must be followed.

Shipping methods:
The first thing that you need to do is to keep updating your shipping methods. Agencies deliver parcels within the city in motorbike or large containers. To deliver the packages out of the city, use other delivery methods, i.e., aeroplanes, buses, cars, trucks, or ships. Introducing a variety of shipping method will help you in developing trust with your customers. The more shipping methods you offer, the higher the traffic of customers you will get.
Moreover, some parcels demand fast and immediate delivery. You can't afford to deliver such packages with buses or cars. Today, a new update in delivery methods is the use of drones. These drones are used to provide last-minute deliveries.

Digital Transformation:
In the age of science and technology, no one wants to go through a lengthy and hectic manual process of delivery. The manual process will only create problems for customers and staff. Moreover, in addition to slowing the process, manual systems will lead to mixing up data and losing parcels. So, use a digital system instead of a manual one. Keep a complete record of the packages in computers. This will come handy in the hour of need.

Introduce New Systems
Moreover, if you want to increase the efficiency of your company, then introduce new systems. Automated system or machinery should be used to sort out the parcels. GPS tracking will help you track your delivered goods in case of delayed delivery. Moreover, if various agencies are involved, then it will be difficult for you to keep a complete record of the progress of your parcel. This is where GPS tagging comes Handy.
Track record

Keeping the complete track record of the parcel is urgent. In case of delayed delivery, or losing the plot, tracking record will allow you to trace it and get it back. Thus, to avoid any further inconvenience, trace the parcel to retrieve it.
Moreover, data analytics can be used to increase the efficiency of your delivery. You can use them to optimize the best and the most convenient routes. Furthermore, they also come handy for making delivery strategies.
Update customers

If you want to develop trust with your customers, then you must keep them notified about the details of their parcel. Whether your customer is online retailer company or an individual sender, inform them about the various delivery steps. During the following four stages of parcel delivery, send a message, mail, or call the recipient to tell about the delivery states.
    •    Notify the sender via text message before releasing the parcel for delivery
    •    Inform the customer about the current status of the package after every day.
    •    Send a message to the recipient to warn him to keep the money ready in case of cash on delivery packages.

Sometimes, over-worried customers can call you again and again to check the status of their parcel. Well, try to give them a complete track record of the package before sending them. The companies who fail to provide any adequate tracking information about the parcel will end up losing their customers.

Be Blunt while stating the requirements
Every courier company has its demands and needs. For instance, most courier companies do not take parcels more massive then 30kg. Similarly, they also have their maximum size requirements. State the rules and regulation of your company clearly on your website to prevent your customers from any trouble.
Moreover, certain trade shows have specific guidelines for the deliveries. Stick to these rules. Else the courier will be refused at the destination.

Give maximum benefits:
A reliable delivery best practice demands certain things. One of which is giving maximum gains to loyal customers. Try to co-operate with your customers in the best way. Give them the facility to approach the staff in the chat box in the days of public or government holidays. The higher the customers you have, the better.
Thus, a good company is the one that gives maximum benefits to its customers and offers their services at affordable rates. Keep our guides in mind to gain the trust of your customers.
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