How to avoid problems while sending a parcel abroad?

By Sola Idowu
Published 18/10/2019 04:32 PM
Send a Parcel Abroad: How to avoid problems while sending a parcel abroad?
Do you want to send a parcel to your loved ones living in abroad? Or do you want to expand your company by offering international shipping? Are you tired of receiving complaints about damaged goods? Do you want to avoid problems while sending your parcels abroad? Well, if you are looking for an answer to such questions, then you are at right place.

Well, thousands of people send parcels every day to their loved ones. Most of them are concerned about packaging and safe delivery. These concerns are natural as almost two-third of the senders face problems while shipping. So, whether you want to send gifts to your family or export your company products, it is wise to do a little homework before sending. If you do not wish to face difficulty while sending parcels, then read the following article. You will get all the necessary tips and guides.

    •    Proper Packaging
The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that the packaging of the parcel should be tight enough to resist the bumps. Courier companies mostly do their best to ensure the safe delivery of package. But there are several bumps and jumps on the road that can break delicates items. If you are sending business parcels, then you must be sending hundreds of orders every day. So, it will be convenient for you to use an automatic package sorting machinery.

    •    How to pack the parcel
Make sure that you have wrapped your parcel tightly and correctly. Use tissue papers, bubble wraps, or newspapers. There should not be any empty spaces in the box or container in which the parcel is present. Because, if the package moves with bumps and hurdles inside the box, then it is more likely to get damaged. Use tapes to wrap the bubble paper around the delicate item, as they need special care. Paste a tag on the parcel stating "fragile" to warn the staff about the delicacy of your package.

    •    Special caution for sending parcels abroad
Never you a black wrapping paper to cover your box if you intend to send it overseas. The system rejects the packages that have black outer wrapping or are in a black container. The parcel will return to you automatically if you encase them in black packaging.

    •    Put the correct address
Although one must not make a mistake while putting the proper address, this mistake is quite common. Especially in the days of discounted deals, various brand and companies mix up the addresses. This leads to inconvenience both for the sender and receiver. So, if you do not want any trouble, then adding proper delivery address is a must.

    •    The problem with Foreign Address
People usually make a lot of mistakes while writing international addresses. The format of foreign addresses is different from the British ones. Street number, house numbers, or other codes have their order. So make sure that you are writing the proper address in the correct format. Check every letter and every number of the address before sending your parcel.

    •    Write a return address
Sometimes your order can't be delivered due to some issues. In that case, your return address comes handy. As your parcel will return to you and you will not lose it. Getting your parcel back is far better than losing it. So, make sure that you have added a return address as a safety measure in any inconvenience.

    •    Prohibited Items
It is illegal to send certain items in some specific countries. If your item gets caught, then you can face serious consequences. For instance, it is unlawful to send liquid items, alcohols, antiques, and other perishable items. Well, if you are not sure whether your item is restricted or not, then take help from the customs clearance department of your destined country. You can call them, or check their restricted items list which will be available online.
But if you still want to send the item, then you have to take permission before sending it. Attach your permit copy with the parcel. Else it will return to you.

    •    Items that Stuck at the Customs
Do not send anything, if you haven't cleared its taxes. Such things are not allowed to pass through the customs. Make sure to pay the taxes of the things before sending them. Moreover, attach proper paperwork with your parcel. Unpaid taxes and incorrect paperwork are the main reasons why things get stuck in customs. Once your item gets stuck, you have to pay high custom fees to get it out, keeping aside the inconvenience that one will face.
But if you want to release it, then you must clear the taxes or provide proper paperwork. Although your parcel will be delayed, it will be released for delivery.
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