How to avert risk associated with Large Parcel delivery

By Sola Idowu
Published 18/10/2019 06:40 PM
Tips for Large Parcel delivery
It is rather easy to pack and wrap small-sized cartons. But when it comes to sending large sized parcels, one has to take some cautions to avoid the risk of damage. Some people think that safe and secure parcel delivery is based entirely upon the courier company. But the reality is opposite to that. There are several rules that you must follow if you do not want to ruin the goods inside your parcels.

Use Boxes
You can ditch the box if you are sending paperwork or letters. One can also use fabric bags to send everyday use items that are not delicate. But when it comes to sending bulk orders, you can't afford to ditch the carton. Use double-walled boxes instead of crisp boxes. These boxes are reliable for transit. Especially if the weight of your package is higher then 5kg, then using a box is a must, especially if you are sending a parcel abroad. Plastic boxes sometimes come handy. But use them only if you want to send a large parcel urgently and you have no time for packing. It is because plastic boxes can break if a large or heavyweight object is placed on them.

Wrap things individually
If you are delivering a large number of similar items, then you must be packing them together. That is the thing with bulk deliveries that you can't pack every item individually. To save money and space, you can pack them together in big boxes. But make sure that you wrap every element within the box separately. Place necessary cushioning in between all the items. Make sure that the goods don't get destroyed during delivery.

Multiple Boxes
Large and heavy cartons are not easy to handle. So, even if you are sending similar items to the same address, then divide the goods in two or more boxes. Remember that during delivery your parcel has to pass through various stages. Workers put them in the luggage containers. So, it will be easier for them to carry the package easily if they aren't bulky and big. Large-sized and heavy parcels are always at the risk of getting dropped.

Necessary cushioning
Cushioning will protect your parcel against the bumps of roads or jerks during delivery. All you have to do is to make sure that the cushioning is stable enough to resist jerks.
Use double boxes for large parcel delivery. To make sure that the goods don't get destroyed due to the empty spaces, add cushioning between the two boxes. Old towels or cloths can be stuffed between them for this purpose. One can also use Thermopore sheets for stuffing between the boxes. Once done properly, your box will resist all kind of bumps. Use these sheets if you are sending delicate items such as pottery and electronic devices. Make sure that the cushioning is enough to resist the movement of boxes or goods.

Size of boxes
A lot of people stuff a large number of items within a single box. Such boxes are at the risk of breaking during the transit. One could lose one's things if he didn't take care while filling the boxes.

Allowed size
Some courier companies do not allow more than a set size to pass through. They have their size and weight limits. For instance, in international transits, the weight of your courier shouldn't be greater than 30 kg. Similarly, different courier companies have their size range. They do not deliver boxes more massive than a specific size. For instance, most of them do not allow couriers larger than 2 - 2.5m. So make sure that the size of the box and courier is not exceeding the limit. Do not forget to weight the parcel at home before sending it for delivery.

Price range
Most courier companies do not charge much for delivering small-sized parcels. But when it comes to large packages, they can cost you a lot more than that. Be careful before choosing a courier company. Different courier companies charge more for large parcels than others. Compare the prices of various companies and select the cheaper one.
Moreover, do not go for a company which has a lousy name for ruining the quality of items during delivery. Many companies offer the best services at affordable rates. DHL parcel delivery is one of them.

Track your parcel
Keep tracking your parcel at various stages. It will give you an idea about its time of delivery. Many courier companies do not offer tracking option. Try to ditch them because there is a chance that your parcel can get lost during the transit. If you can't track your package, then you will have to face a severe delay.

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