Best Paper for Printing Documents

By Sola Idowu
Published 29/05/2021 12:50 PM

Best Paper for Printing Documents

While printing documents, many things such as the format of the document, the ink and the printer used are considered. However, one of the most important things that you should consider is the best paper for printing documents.

Many people might not know this but there are different kinds of papers that are used in the printing industry. Each kind of paper has its own use such as for posters, banners, assignments, reports, etc. They also differ based on many properties such as the material they are made of, their texture, weight and so on.

While selecting paper for printing your precious documents, following are some of the characteristics of paper you should look out for to make sure you have the best printing results.

  1. Material of the Paper: The material and type of the paper that you use is very important. Some of the types are given below.

    1. Matte Paper is one of the common type of paper used for printing because it absorbs the ink printed on it and dries it faster than others. You can immediately get your document after use.   

    2. Bright White is great if you want the printing to be on both sides of the paper. The paper is thick and does not allow ink on one side of the paper to be shown on the other side.

    3. Card Stock is used for printing photo cards, business cards, postcards, greeting cards, etc. This paper does not crumple easily and can be carried around.

  2. Size of the Paper: Size of the paper is also important for different tasks. Size of the paper is measured in A size. In this sense, the A series ranges from A1 to A10 where A1 is the largest size. Mostly for assignments and projects, A4 size of paper is preferably used. 

Another measure of paper size is the C series which ranges from C1 to C10 like the A series. This measure is used to determine the size of envelopes you use. C1 is the smallest envelope and C10 is the largest.

Larger than A series is the SRA paper which is used for digital printing. The paint is made to bleed from the edges of the paper so that there are no white spaces left after printing. 

  1. Weight of the Paper: The greater the weight of the paper is, the sturdier it is. The weight is measured in GSM (Grams per Square Meter). The greater the GSM, the greater is the weight of the paper. For example, matte paper has 90GSM. Similarly, business and photo cards are greater than 300GSM.

This concludes the characteristics of paper that are available for printing purposes. If you want your document to be presented and printed on the best paper available, knowing such information is a must.

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