Best Guide for Printing Documents 

By Sola Idowu
Published 29/05/2021 12:42 PM

Best Guide for Printing Documents 

 Printing documents is one of the many tasks that are performed regularly at offices and homes. There are different types of documents that have to be printed that include office papers, presentations, reports and so on. If you want high quality documents to be printed, just pressing the print button and letting the machine do the job is not the answer. 

There are many points that you should take care of before setting your document up for printing. These adjustments are important if you want to have the best quality printing results. Some of the main points that you should take care of before you set your document up for printing are given as follows. They will ensure that you get the best results and rewards for your efforts that you put in while preparing the documents.

  1. File Dimensions: You should make sure that the dimensions you are setting for your file are similar to the paper you are printing your document on. If they are not similar, the text might be cropped or appear too small on a large paper. An example is that if you are printing on 8x10 inch paper, your file size should be similar to it.

  2. Crop Marks: You don’t need to worry about crop marks all the time. it is seldom needed only when you want to make sure that the text is aligned on multiple pages. If you are opting for crop marks, they should be almost 1/8th offset from the page.

  3. Checking Spellings: All humans make mistakes and making spelling and grammar mistakes is very common. It makes a bad impression on the person who is reading the document so proofreading the document before setting it for printing is very important. There are many online checkers that help you find your mistakes for free.

  4. Content of Images: If you are creating documents for professional use, then you should be very careful about the images that you are using. Many photos found on Google are copyrighted and have watermarks which means that they cannot be copied or printed without permission. That is why you should either buy such images or download images from free online sources available. This will make sure you and your company don’t get in trouble later.

  5. Image Resolution: the optimum image resolution for images is 300dpi. Images lesser than this resolution appear blurry after printing and do not give a good impression. So you should always make sure that your image resolution is compatible with your printing pages.

  6. CMYK: You should make it a habit of using The CMYK color scheme for your documents. This is the standard for printing documents and will ensure that the printed pictures have bright and crisp colors.

  7. Type of File: To make sure that you get the best results for printing files it is better to convert them to a PDF file before printing. They are the most suitable for maintaining the original document and printing the same result that you have created.

For many people, these specifications might be a bit baffling but no need to worry. If you live in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Liverpool, Bristol, Preston, Luton, Aberdeen, Gloucester, Slough, Nottingham, Northampton, Warwick, Coventry, Lincoln and Cheshire, PrintDelivery is the right online printing service that makes sure to follow all the specifications given above and print your documents at high quality.    

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