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Passport Photos & Printing Services Experts Coventry. 

The Imaging Professionals is the one-stop studio for Visa Photos, ID Photos, Passport Photos for UK application and international visa application. UK Photo Code service now available.passport photos

We provide passport photos and visa photos that meet requirements. No wonder, we are people choice for better passport photos in Coventry. Be it for newborn passport application, ID Photo for driving licence application, visa photo for travel documents, ID Photo Photo for Taxi Badge & Mobility Badge, India OCI Visa Photo, PAN Card photo, Chinese Visa Photo, Australia Visa Photo, US Visa Photo and other international visa photos.

Available in hard copy or digital format for online application, we are capable to achieve your requirements. With us, you will get better passport photos than those obtainable from passport photo booths. Our passport photos service is done using our private and modern controlled lighting photographic studio. No appointment is necessary. Walk-in customers are welcome. Passport Photos are often ready in 3-5min.

Printing Services:

Also, we provide commercial design and print services includingflyer printing coventry flyers design and print, brochures design and print, business cards printing, & banners printing. Able to offer graphic design and print services in our studio. Have helped many businesses to create captivating flyers, brochures, business cards, and posters to promote their business and services. We offer free artwork check for all customers and free UK delivery on all flyer printing, leaflets printing, business cards printing orders.
If you need a small or large quantity of promotional flyers, we can deliver within an agreed timeframe. 

Artwork Guide:

We accept artwork made with PhotoshopMicrosoft Publisher, Illustrator,  CorelDraw, and often like to process files saved as PDF.   

Choice of Business Cards:

  • Standard 350gsm business cards
  • Matt laminated business cards printed on 400gsm paper
  • Gloss laminated business cards printed on 400gsm paper


Choice of Flyers, Leaflets and sizes:

  • Standard 300 and 350gsm promotional flyers available in A7 size, A6 size, A5 Size and A4 size
  • Matt laminated flyers printed on 300gsm and 350gsm silk paper available in A7 size, A6 size, A5 Size and A4 size
  • Gloss laminated flyers printed on 300gsm and 350gsm silk paper available in A7 size, A6 size, A5 Size and A4 size
  • 170gsm promotional leaflets available in A7 size, A6 size, A5 Size and A4 size

Folded Flyers and Leaflets:

Any of our A6 size flyers/leaflets, A5 Size flyers/leaflets and A4 size flyers/leaflets can be half-folded, C-folded or Z-folded.

If required order of service for a funeral, both design and printing service, please get in touch with order of serviceThe Imaging Professionals.  Departed loved one deserves quality order of service and we promise to help you achieve a great design and quality output.

The time it takes depends on the requirements including the order of service design layout, the volume of contents to be included and the number of pages required. For simple 4 page order of service, and quantity not exceeding 100, it should be ready for dispatch within 48-72hrs.

Order of service booklet comes in 2 types, one where both the inner and outer cover has the same paper thickness.
The second type, the outer cover has a thicker cover paper e.g 300gsm paper. Most of the order of service booklets we have processed for our customers from Coventry and surrounding areas have the same thickness throughout.
Please get in touch with The Imaging Professionals to discuss your order-of-service booklet in details.


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