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10 Foods that you can get at a low price at your favourite Get stuffed restaurant.

Get stuffed is all set to serve your appetite with the best of taste, quality, and ambiance that one might long for. However, the price may be a major setback when planning to bite a beef burger, veggie burger, chicken burger, or halloumi. But here we are to amaze you with taste and blow up your mind with the lowest rates ever.

All those who are not convinced by the idea of spending a great amount of food will be delighted to find out that Get Stuffed Restaurant brings all the food at an extremely affordable rate.  Be it our shake or drinks that entails a list of special menus, and all are cheap in rates. The list is divided into cold and hot drinks along with milkshakes, smoothies, and alcohol, just what you look out for.


    •    Scrambled eggs

Get your day a kick start by letting yourself step into Get Stuffed and by feeding yourself with mouth-watering poached eggs, bacon, fried or scrambled egg, with an add on of beans, grilled tomatoes, grilled mushrooms, and herby potatoes. The day could have never been better with such a juicy and delicious start.

    •    Poached eggs

You may choose to customise the big meal of the day by having added the poached egg, black pudding, mushrooms, and hash browns. Nothing better like fried bread, bread and butter, brown or gluten-free toast may be there to complement the entire breakfast.  The breakfast list is never-ending with a wide range of nutritious come tastefully with Grilled breakfast and grilled vegetarian breakfast that comes with bacon, sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms, and tomatoes.

    •    Lasagne, Scrumptious, Chicken curry and chilli

Sounds delicious! How about bringing a little sensation to the taste buds, but here more to it? We are here to caterer the appetite and food needs by bringing some major main courses in the town.  This might take you back to the affordability thing, which stays within our hand and just affordable with us at Get Stuffed Restaurant. Our range of classics offers some of the most delectable lasagna and chips, the tasty gammon and chips, the scrumptious chicken curry, homemade chilli, and the most demanded yummy hunters’ chicken. If this doesn’t suffice your cravings, here you go with some luscious surcharges like omelettes, sausages, and salads, to the meal.

    •    Spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread

You may take a quick break from work and get your self-driven to Get Stuffed to treat yourself with some delicious items. Whether you plan to walk in all alone or make it out with a special friend. Be it colleagues at work, some office meeting, or just a casual hang out. All can be gratified and entertained under one roof with drooling dishes, including as many as spaghetti Bolognese, served with garlic bread, southern fried chicken strips, fish finger and sandwich, and chips, Triple cheeseburger, double veggie cheeseburger, double bacon cheeseburger and a double cheeseburger with fried onions.
Imagine a life without friends and parties and party without food. Food remains the major ingredient of any fun gathering.  And if you are planning any such thing, here is your gateway to it. Get on board with us and amaze your friend with mouthwatering Spaghetti Bolognese’s, Gammon & Chips, Chicken Curry, and hunter's chicken. For all the chicken lovers, Get Stuffed is the right drop for party people.

    •    Egg Benedict

If this is not enough here, you may get hands-on some finger-licking egg benedict and egg California with poached eggs on toast with ham and smashed avocados with brown toast with poached eggs, respectively. Such is the tasty snack that comes under the titles of Mega breakfast, Monster breakfast, and our very special Get stuffed Breakfast, the special Irish breakfast, and exclusive The Fast.

    •    Gammon with chips and fried chicken

Taking the amazing list of dishes (Gammon and Chips, Southern Fried Chicken) ahead with our uniqueness wrapped with tenderness i.e., the arrangement of ingredients added to it, making it a whole lot tastier and the snack of the time.  This includes a variety of patty and stuffed ingredients, including potatoes, tomatoes, bacon, beef, mushroom, and cheese with sausages, spices, and sauce. We are famous for bringing out the most appetizing and delicious deals like scampi and chips, halloumi, and hunter chicken.

    •    Cheeseburger with bacon

For the burger fans, our burgers like the Beef burger and chicken burger stand out from the masses and comes stuffed with variants of cheese, onion, tomatoes, and sauces with some tasty chicken, beef and vegetable stuffing. Some of our great burgers that are hard to find Double cheeseburger, veggie burger, and double bacon cheeseburger. They are bound to double the dose of flavour and fun with the addition of extra cheddar cheese, onions, and the luscious Jalapenos.  

    •    Monster burger

The monster cheeseburger and Godfather burger is something you cannot resist. The burger lovers may have fun with these. However, the ultimate fantasy may lie in adding the BBQ flavour and spices, simulating one’s taste and desire. The Double BBQ Burger, Double Spicy Chicken Burger, Double Veggie Cheese Burger is something one may fall for. Let us not forget, the double is the double happiness of having loaded sauces, chicken, and vegetables with wholesome cheese.

    •    Grilled wraps with tortillas

The love for food never gets enough, be it your intention for quick snacks or full-fledged food. All can be grabbed at one right spot that is Get Stuffed Restaurant. And above all, it comes in package good food, great taste, and affordability. For all those who plan to stay light, we have light bites for them. Some of the categories we cater to under snacks include Grilled Wraps, Tortilla Pizza, Baguettes, and the love of all foodies i.e., Panini and toasties. This comes with some tasteful stuff, including Jacket Potatoes with BBQ Chicken, onion, chilli, and mayo. The grilled wrap is something one can crave for and eat non-stop. Some of the amazing wraps that we offer are Piri-Piri chicken, Cheese Steak, Veggie wrap for vegetable lovers.  
For the masses that go for tortilla pizza, we have hams and mushrooms, chicken, and a margarita to bring variety to the flavour. This all comes prepared in pan backed style. The crisp crust comes placed nicely with mozzarella and saucy toppings. Moreover, one can add on with toppings to enhance the flavour. The incredible taste that it brings forth comes with ultimate perfection and flavour that one would savour for real long.

    •    Special drinks at Get Stuffed

One can quench the thirst for hot drinks by having either coffee, cappuccino, latte, double espresso, or hot chocolate. The list is incomplete with some cold drinks for the chilled-out lot. Be it your love for a chocolate shake, regular smoothie, or a bottle of wine; all are served at Get Stuffed Restaurant at a low price.  We are trained in transforming food into an art form by churning up some delectable burgers, filled with dedication, love, and care. This helps us keep bringing the customer repeatedly. The flavour at one hand will make you fall in love and crave for our juicy burgers, and the prices will keep you hooked.  

Get Stuffed Restaurant is the dream stop for all foodies, be it alone or in the congregation. It stands out as an attracting and popular food stop for all the foodies. The amazing food items come with wholesome flavour and quality.  The story of food becomes perfect when you have people to share with, and that becomes possible only if it comes at affordable prices, the way Get Stuffed offers.
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